Office 365 Hybrid migration error: StalledDuitoTarget_DiskLatency

The error that you get refers to : ‘StalledDueToTarget_DiskLatency’

To be straight to the point this is an issue where you can do nothing about.
When you get the message StalledDuitoTarget_DiskLatency . This means that it has to do with the Exchange Online servers and not with the On-premises infrastructure, so there is nothing you can do locally.

In this case the only thing you can do is open a case with Microsoft. When you have done this ask them what can be the cause of this error from the target side (Office 365).

It would be a good idea to open a case with them mentioning the error (StalledDuitoTarget_DiskLatency) and ask them if they can perform a change that might improve the migration speed.

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