Running Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) for the first time

Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW)

Every time when i have to implement a Hybrid Scenario or HCW at a customer i caught myself of using a different blog as a safety guidance. I do this so i do not make a mistake or forget something during the configuration of  the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. Here are some things you should consider before moving forward and configuring this peace of software.

There are two useful blogs that i have found so far which cover the load. Both of these blogs cover the same solution.

Code two and Practical 365

But before running the Hybrid configuration wizard you should think about what kind of hybrid scenario you would like to have and maintain. Do you go for the short or Long term Hybrid

Hybrid exchange

Short or Long term Hybrid

At the last Techsummit conference in Amsterdam Michael von Hybrid had a great session about this. You can find his Techsummit slides here. Since i have seen this session I am always discussing these topics with the customer so they know what they can expect from their Exchange Hybrid scenario. And they know how to manage their environment in a hybrid situation.

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